The rural house La Jarilla is an ideal place for those who seek the disconnection of the urban environment thanks to its isolation and its location in rural surroundings. Located ten minutes from the village of Posadilla (Córdoba), it is surrounded by a large terrain where you can practice hiking with family and friends while enjoying the views and landscapes of the Cordoba mountain range. Wildlife observation, such as griffon vultures, black vultures and different types of eagles, is ideal for nature lovers, as well as the absence of noise and cars that can break into activity. You can also visit the nearby villages, such as Fuente Obejuna, to learn about the rural histories and customs that characterize them and differentiate them from the big cities. The rural house is ideal for a break from everyday life, routine and the urban environment where you live day by day, creating an unforgettable experience of disconnection and tranquility. The good climate and fauna surrounding the estate also helps to enjoy these walks through nature, improving the views, the environment and the observation of wild animals that can be seen in the 1200 hectares available, dedicated to the activity Of greater hunting, which can also be enjoyed. After the long day, in addition, the rural house has a swimming pool, barbecue, porch overlooking the garden and a beautiful hermitage.