Cycling routes

The rural house La Jarilla has different activities, among which are hiking, monterias and bike routes. With the extensive grounds surrounding The rural house, the mountain bike activity is ideal for those who wish to exercise outdoors with their family and friends. The observation of the fauna, the lack of noise and the good climate that characterizes the environment makes of the experience a memory of tranquility and enjoyment that surely will repeat. In turn, the visit to nearby villages enables tourism while exercising the body in full nature, as well as the rural stories and customs that characterize localities such as Fuente Obejuna. On the bike routes you can see, in turn, the animals that coexist in the large land of the estate, such as Iberian pigs, sheep, deer and wild boar, which makes the experience even more enjoyable for children or lovers of the nature. In addition, the rural house La Jarilla offers 1200 hectares available for lovers of hunting, as well as hiking trails for that day in which it is decided to leave the bicycle. After a long day of exercise, the rural house offers both barbecues and board games, as well as a swimming pool and a fireplace in the lounge, as well as several meeting areas and a veranda overlooking the garden. In short, an ideal place for the urban man who decides to disconnect and enjoy nature and exercise.