Rural house La Jarilla

Rural house La Jarilla is located ten minutes from the village of Posadilla (Fuente Obejuna) in the province of Córdoba and bordering Extremadura. It is a building of 700 square meters on one floor, similar to the Andalusian farmhouses: entry hall that leads to an interior arcaded courtyard that environment is ordered to a source. The yard distributed to the various departments: hunting lodge entrance of the house, bedrooms and access for people with disabilities and kitchenette and lounge.

Rural house La Jarilla has seven double bedrooms. One bedroom has a built suite and bathroom with tub. All bedrooms have full private bathroom. The living room has several meeting areas with TV, board games, bar, etc. The dining room seats 85 m2 for 12 people, also has a fireplace and magnificent views of the exterior of the building.

The kitchen has several refrigerators and separate freezer, dishwasher, oven, microwave, electric stove, etc .; further comprises a part of office with fireplace and table for 8 people and excellent exterior views while communicating with the covered porch and barbecue area. The side of the building has a covered porch equipped with sofas, a table for 10 people, chairs and a great barbecue. This communicates with other outdoor porch overlooking the garden and a pool of 12 meters with lighting. Next to the house we can enjoy a beautiful chapel.

Rural house La Jarilla is framed in a big game preserve where there are deer and wild boars, where hunting activities are practiced. You can perform activities such as observing their own wild game (deer, partridge, rabbit, dove, etc.), habitat (eg rutting) and all kinds of wildlife: griffon vulture, black vulture, different types of eagle, etc.




Enjoy the outdoors, walks, barbecue, hunting, swimming pool


Rural house La Jarilla offers 1200 hectares of land available for game hunting. Within the game reserve you can find from wild boars to deer, ideal for a day of field for both individual hunters who wish to disconnect from the urban area, and those who wish to enjoy it in the company of family or friends. The extensive grounds available The Rural House in Posadillas (Córdoba) allows a wide range of postures and dumps that will make the hunter more enjoy his day of hunting. In addition, this supposes a greater observation and quantity of wild boars and deer that will make enjoyable the retention. Along with that, the atmosphere, fauna and weather is ideal for survival and the state of the animals, which increases their quality and status, thus achieving rewarding results and on which the customer can feel proud at the end of the day. This helps, in turn, the total concentration of the activity by the lack of noise and of nearby cars that can frighten the prey. This also makes possible the appreciation of the fauna that invades the land: griffon vulture, black vulture, different types of eagle, and so on. At the end of the day you can also enjoy the stay at La Casa Rural with all the range of features offered: from barbecue and swimming pool to the appreciation of the various hunting trophies available.

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